Carina Stewart

guaranteed-work1-150x150From the first e-mail to the actual visit with Jason, Critter & Pest Defense was professional, personable and approachable. I love the “Mom&Pop” feel of the business as well as the prices which are quite compatible. I recommend Critter & Pest Defense. Great people! Great company!

Apopka Business Owner

guaranteed-work1-150x150I was completely satisfied with the way Carl took care of our rat problem.  I am a business owner and had a rat infestation in my business lunch room.  I needed this problem taken care of quickly.  Critter & Pest Defense gave us the best estimate & came quickly to set traps and remove rats…he located where the rats were getting in & solved the problem.

Patty and Doug Wattwood

guaranteed-work1-150x150Thanks again for removing the raccoons from our attic. Your professionalism and persistence in capturing these critters is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend your company!


guaranteed-work1-150x150Reasonably priced, we had a long running problem with rats in the attic since we moved into the house when finally one got in the house through the chimney.  Critter & Pest Defense came out & within a month’s time, we are rat free!


guaranteed-work1-150x150Critter & Pest Defense took care of our squirrel problem quickly & at the best price we could find.  They came, set up traps, sealed our home and solved our problem within a week.  We are now squirrel free, happy homeowners


guaranteed-work1-150x150Just wanted to thank you again and again for the prompt, professional and easy removal of the three raccoons and two opossum from my backyard.  I never expected you to catch three the first morning after setting traps and then to catch two the following morning – just terrific.  I wish you all the best in your business – you are very good at what you do.  I’ll definitely pass along your contact info to anyone in need of your services.