What Damage Can Squirrels Really Cause?

squirrel removal services orlandoSquirrels seem so cute and harmless. They’re furry and they frolic around our neighborhoods picking up nuts off the ground with their tiny hands to bring back to their cute little squirrel families. What damage could these adorable creatures really do to our homes? Why would you ever need to use our squirrel removal services? You’d be surprised at some of the disastrous damage these furry little animals can accomplish. Homeowners who are invaded by squirrels in the attic soon... Read More »

How Do I Get Squirrels Off My Roof?

squirrel removal services orlandoMany of our clients who have dealt with attic squirrel infestations in the past get a little nervous any time they see squirrels anywhere near their home. It’s understandable – dealing with a critter takeover in your attic can be an annoying, costly, and smelly process. There are plenty of ‘squirrel deterrent’ products on the market and many homemade myths about how to keep squirrels away from your property, and more importantly, off your roof. However, with the years of... Read More »

How Do Critters Enter My Attic If My Roofer Says Everything Is Fine?

orlando pest controlOur pest control experts have informed many clients about the sneaky and stealthy ways that critters can enter the home. So, sometimes when new attic guests are discovered by homeowners, their first reaction is to question their roofer about where the critters may be getting in. While a roofer is knowledgeable on a tightly sealed roof and installing quality shingles, he or she may not have a deep understanding of the habits and abilities of local critters. A roofer may... Read More »

Why is decontamination an important part of critter removal?

Ams example pics 260Many of our clients with critter issues are only focused on getting rid of the infestation. However, at Critter & Pest Defense, we’re always sure to emphasize the importance of what happens after the critter infestation problem is solved. Decontamination is such an important part of the critter removal process for the health and safety of your family and home. Here are just a few reasons why you should allow us to complete a decontamination process on your home after... Read More »

What Did I Hear In My Attic Today?

If you’ve been hearing a scurry or other activity in the attic while at home during the day, it may have been temporarily hijacked by an animal as a new home, nesting site, or playground. The noises you hear in your attic throughout the day can be even scarier if you don’t know exactly what’s up there. But don’t worry. If you’re hearing noises during the day, more than likely, there is a family of squirrels or raccoons busy in... Read More »

How to Beat the Roach Egg Cycle

Roaches are one of the most dreaded intruders in a home. They’re big, they’re gross, they move quickly, and they multiply even more quickly. At Critter & Pest Defense, we’ve developed an effective treatment that will exterminate a roach infestation and focus on completely defeating their entire life cycle. These treatments are safe for the environment, the family, and even the family pets, while still being effective at the elimination of these pests from the home. Here’s a little rundown... Read More »

How DIY Pest Control Ruins Professional Treatments

pest control orlandoAs a homeowner, it can be tempting to try and do-it-yourself for every home improvement project. While we here at Critter and Pest Defense applaud your brave attitude, we ask you to re-think this when it comes to pest control. Over the counter pest controls have not only proven to be ineffective, they can also sometimes make the problem worse, and can cancel out the effectiveness of professional pest control treatments. Here are just a few reasons that you should... Read More »

How to Keep Your Orlando Home Bed Bug Free!

Bed bugs are a lot like your annoying Aunt Thelma – once they show up, it seems they’ll never leave! These little creatures are called the ‘hitch hiker’ bug because they’re usually  introduced into your home from a piece of clothing, a blanket, or other objects. They love to live in places where many occupants sleep and they’re mostly attracted to warm spots. While most people assume bed bugs are only found in beds, they can also be found living... Read More »