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Irrigation should be the top priority in order to keep your lawn and shrubs looking great. We offer the best solution for irrigation installs and redesigning of existing systems. Sometimes changes need to occur in order to hit dry spots that keep surfacing.  At this property they have beautiful zoysia grass that kept getting hot spots. The existing system did not need a complete redesign, but we did have to add some sprinklers in order to hit the hot spots. Zoysia is drought tolerant which means if it does from irrigation it can come back looking great once adjustments are made. However, zoysia does need LOTS of water in order to stay green. St. Augustine is not that forgiving. If it does not have proper irrigation routines and it dies, it does not come back. Your grass would have to be replaced. Our team has years of experience in the irrigation industry. We offer a FREE home inspection to see what your property needs in order to irrigate your lawn and shrubs in the best efficient way. Give us a call so that your project can get started and so that you can be one step closer to enjoying your new properly irrigated lawn. Plush, green, healthy grass is one way to enjoy the outdoors.



Lawn After Redesign!


Hot Spots Before Redesign