mosquito-control-orlandoCritter and Pest Defense provides mosquito control treatment to yards and gardens. Our specialists are trained mosquito control professionals committed to one thing: eliminating mosquitoes so that you can delight in being outdoors once again. Equipped with the most recent equipment and backed by the coordination of a superior support staff, our specialists in the field do the job swiftly, completely and securely.

WITH Critter and Pest Defense’s Mosquito Control , Orlando OUTSIDE IS ENJOYABLE AGAIN


Critter and Pest Defense offers mosquito control treatment services to property and business clients in and around Orlando, Florida. Our professionals are trained mosquito control experts devoted to one thing: eliminating mosquitoes so you can delight in being outside again.

Equipped with the current equipment and backed by the coordination of a superior support personnel, our specialists in the field get the job done promptly and completely, leaving a noticeable absence of biting insects in their wake.

Each Critter and Pest Defense operation is providing our Orlando customers reliable and effective mosquito control service from a trusted community member, backed by technical know-how. Each specialist is trained and certified to meet state standards and is always in contact with the home office to ensure timely, reputable service.

The Very Best Results When Mosquitoes Are Gone

Mosquitoes are tough consumers, but we are confident that you will not feel that way about our mosquito control services. We are confident with the efficiency of our barrier spray services and we pride ourselves in customer support and our job is not done till you are happy and being outside is fun once again! We do recommend this service during Mosquito season about every 30 days. Mosquitos fly and because of this there will need to be a follow up treatment.

Here at Critter & Pest Defense, we are aware of the growing concern the community of the Greater Orlando area has when it comes to mosquito, the Zika virus, and the other diseases they carry.

Answering the communities needs, Our Company is prepared to now offer mosquito treatments for yards for existing and new customers.

Through education, knowledge, and use of child and pet friendly products, we now offer yard treatments to kill and keep mosquitoes and other stinging insects away,
along with the possible diseases they carry.