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Did you know that the typical homeowner uses up to 50% of a home’s total water use for irrigation and often irrigate too much? Many lawns have dead spots because of poor irrigation design resulting in over irrigation in efforts to keep the entire lawn healthy. This can be a major cause for weeds and fungus. Over watering can cause damage and welcome a variety of unwanted weeds. Under watering can cause drought and with St. Agustin, could cause the need to replace your lawn. Regular routine irrigation checks are available here at Critter and Pest Defense. To keep your water usage balanced, using an irrigation schedule based on the seasonal water needs of your lawn and shrubs, reduces water use without compromising lawn and shrub quality. Rain shutoff devices such as rain sensors reduce the number of unnecessary irrigation times. Proper Irrigation schedules and regular routine sprinkler checks are key to keeping your irrigation running properly and efficient. In order to keep your lawn and shrubs looking beautiful, irrigation maintenance, a long side with a proper lawn care plan, will offer peace of mind that your lawn investment will stay beautiful and properly maintained.

Critter & Pest Defense has the experience and knowledge to redesign, install systems, replace and improve existing systems, clean and flush out lines, and also provide the regular routine checks for all irrigation systems. We also provide the care in improving what you may already have and adjusting an existing system to have it work better for your needs.

Critter & Pest Defense Offers:

  • Regular scheduled Irrigation System Checks
  • Sprinkler Repair
  • New Design
  • Monthly Checks
  • Bimonthly Checks

Why Choose Critter & Pest Defense: WE

  • Have all State Required licenses and CEU’s.
  • Top Rated with BBB.
  • Top Rated with Angie’s List.
  • Top Rated on in 2016.
  • Will treat your home as their own.
  • Family Owned and Operated.
  • Same Day service.

⦁ Will offer a FREE Home Inspection for: Pest Control, Wildlife Exclusion, Lawn & Shrub Care, and Irrigation.