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Florida lawns are subject to many environmental stresses. Environmental stresses are not the same as problems caused by insects or disease, although they may occur in conjunction with insects or disease. Some environmental stresses include nutrient deficiency, salinity, changes in heat and cold, too much water, not enough water, soil problems, long-term exposure to shade or people walking over the same area on a regular basis.

You may see insects or diseases and assume that treating for the pest will take care of the problem. However, if there is an environmental stress or if management practices are not done correctly, it is necessary to correct the situation for those problems to make the site less conducive to the pest. Certain weeds such as dollar weed and sedges are often found in overwatered lawns. Controlling the weeds is one step in remediating the problem, but without adjusting irrigation practices, the problem will likely recur. Similarly, lawns that are over fertilized will often be more likely to have disease issues. It is important to have the correct schedule for treating your lawn in order to keep it just right.

Regardless of what your situation may be at your home or business Critter & Pest Defense has the correct management plan to get your Lawn and Shrubs looking beautiful. The use of proper irrigation, fertilization, insect control and correct management practices will keep your lawn healthy and insect free. Our practices at Critter & Pest Defense should always be followed to maintain a healthy, more stress-tolerant lawn.


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 Why Choose Critter & Pest Defense: WE…

  • Have all State Required licenses and CEU’s
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Critter & Pest Defense Promises to:

  • Offer Monthly and Bimonthly Care Depending on your needs and desires.
  • Spray micro nutrients to keep your lawn green.
  • Blanket treat your property with pre-emergent weed control for all four seasons.
  • Include fungus control.
  • Balance the ph in your lawn.
  • Be responsible for each lawn we service
  • Use Granular fertilizer to improve new top growth and strengthen the root system.
  • Remove fertilizer debris off your driveways after we treat.
  • Be conscious of the environment.
  • Keep your Shrubs Healthy and pest free.
  • Full Palm Services.
  • Offer the perfect maintenance schedule for your Lawn.
  • Offer the perfect maintenance schedule for your shrubs.
  • Be Certified in Best Management Practices.
  • Offer a free Home Inspection for your Pest Control, Lawn, Shrub, Palm, Wildlife Exclusion, Termite, and Irrigation Needs