What we Promise to do for YOU!IMG_8163

  • Full Inspection of property using the best technology available.
  • Locate All areas that are conducive to termites.
  • Trench and Treat around entire structure.
  • Will down drill and cross drill in any and all areas needed:
  • stucco, bathrooms, grout areas, windows and more!
  • Will treat all cracks, openings, attic spaces.
  • Provide a complete BOND around entire structure.
  • Use the top rated, best efficient products available.IMG_7472

Your home is important to us. Our desire is for your family to live in a safe, pest/termite free home where you can live, love, and enjoy life. We promise to treat your home as if it were our own. We have over 19 years experience in the industry and we know what it takes to bring you peace of mind. Termites can be eliminated but using the proper techniques and products to combat them. Studies show that termites are social insects, meaning they live together in colonies. These colonies consist of soldiers to defend, reproductives, nymphs, and immatures known as “false workers,” that perform most of the work in the colony. They can do thousands of dollars of damage without you even knowing they are hard at work. With our thermal inspection tools we can detect and find these quiet destroyers. We provide the services needed with the top ranked products known that will immediately go to work and stop the termites in their tracks. Our products are an advanced “undetectable” liquid technology. The termites cannot avoid, see, smell, or taste it. They will get sick and then transfer their sickness to the rest of the colony before they die. This causes the colony of termites to rapidly die off.  We can do Hard things here at Critter & Pest Defense.  We are the orlando termite treatment team to call.

Why Choose Critter & Pest Defense: WE…

  • Have all State required licenses and CEU’s.
  • Have all State Certified Requirements.
  • Top Rated with BBB.
  • Top Rated with Angie’s List.
  • Top Rated on PrimeBuyersReport.org in 2016.
  • Will treat your home as their own.
  • Family Owned and Operated.
  • Usually Same Day service.
  • Will offer a FREE Home Inspection for: Pest Control, Wildlife Exclusion, Lawn & Shrub Care, and Irrigation.