Palms are everywhere in Central Florida and here at Critter & Pest Defense we know how to keep them beautiful. There are too many bugs and insects to count that have the tendency to overtake your palms. A very common pest for palms is the palm aphid. The palm aphids are the only aphids known to infest palm plants. The palm aphid can be a major pest of young palms. This is one of hundreds of disease and fungus that can damage your palms. Protection is the way to go or eventually your palms will need to be replaced. We offer maintenance programs that best fit your needs and desires. We offer complete palm fertilization every three months. We will perform a crown and root drench with a contact and systemic insecticide, fungicide to protect against diseases and wood boring insect. We offer a bundle package to our customers who need and want lawn, shrub and palm care.  Give us a call today for your FREE home inspection.

Promised Services for your Palms:

  • Tailored Maintenance Program
  • Quarterly Palm Care Service Available
  • Complete Palm fertilization
  •  Crown and Root drench
  • Contact and Systemic insecticides
  • Fungicide to protect against diseases and wood boring insects