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Here in Florida it is important to stay on top of treating your shrubs or they eventually will be taken over by insects, fungus, and disease. The weather is conducive in our sunshine state to set up the perfect environment for these types to flourish on your plants and shrubs. We offer Monthly and Bimonthly Shrub Care depending upon your needs and desires. Shrubs and plants make or break curb appeal.  We are here to insure your home will be the healthiest and prettiest on the block. Our technicians tender care and expertise will insure a strong root system, fungus and disease free shrub. Our treatments will insure that we will stay on top of any and all insects that try to take over your plants and shrubs nutrients. We offer a granular fertilizer treatment that will occur twice a year: In the Spring and Fall, which will insure a strong root structure which leads to a healthy plant. The better your shrubs look the better we feel about our job. We are a family owned and operated local company who strives to have the best customer service and detailed treatments in town. From Vibernuum, Indian Hawthorn, Laura Pedlum, Gardenias, Jasmine, Palms, you name it, we can keep it beautiful. Please call to schedule your FREE home Inspection.  

Why Choose US: We Offer the Following Shrub Care: 

  • Offer Granular Fertilizer Treatment twice per Year: In Spring and Fall.
  • Monthly and Bimonthly Services depending on your needs and desires.
  • Inspect Cultural Conditions that are conducive
  • Keep Root System Strong.
  • Treat against Fungus. 
  • Treat against Diseases.