IMG_7472Your Orlando Termite Inspection Team 

Not just anyone can perform a termite inspection.  A wood-destroying organism (WDO) inspection is an inspection performed by a licensed pest control operator who is trained and has the knowledge to identify damage, evidence, and live WDO’s. Termite inspections are recommended to be done annually to keep your home protected and we can do this for you. Sometimes for real estate purposes, a request for a termite inspection can be a requirement for the sale of the property. There are two kinds of inspections homeowners request include the WDO inspection and WDI.  The difference between the two types of inspections may not be apparent; the WDO inspection is for termites and other WDOs (such as wood boring beetles, and fungi), whereas the WDI is for wood destroying insects only. Our inspections are more thorough than most using heat thermal imaging and moisture thermal imaging. These techniques help us find problems that others may miss. We will complete a full inspection looking for mold, water leaks, cracks in stucco, checking below ground around the perimeter of the home/building, and will will be searching in all conducive areas. We will look at all conditions of the property which will show a lot to us. We will also perform a full attic inspection using the high end techniques we shared before that are the best in the business. Critter & Pest Defense is WDO/WDI certified and licensed in the state of Florida to perform termite services needed to protect your home investment. We are licensed and insured and have over 19 years experience in the termite industry. If we find that termites have started to compromise the integrity of your home we will offer a free quote upon inspection so that the termite damage can be treated, eliminated, and your peace of mind can return.

Why Choose Critter & Pest Defense: 

  • Will inspect all Conducive areas
  • Will use best technology: Thermal Imaging: Moisture Thermal Imaging
  • Will find cracks in stucco
  • Will find rotten wood
  • Will perform full attic inspection
  • Will take all conditions into consideration for potential mold, cracks, leaking water
  • Perform below ground inspection