Termite Prevention Services: Each Home is Unique: Full Protection Plan to Protect your Home

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To combat termites it is important to hire a company who understands how to treat the varieties of termites here in Florida. The termites known for causing damage in Florida include drywood termites, dampwood termites, and subterranean termites. Drywood and Dampwood termites differ from subterranean termites in that they form their nests and live inside their food as opposed to nesting underground.

Homeowners spend billions of dollars a year on termite treatments. Having a professional termite treatment plan is the best way to save you money and protect your investment.  Once we have performed our full, best in the industry inspection, we will get started with the prevention plan that fits your needs and desires. Critter & Pest Defense will fully trench and treat around your home which will provide a full bond around structure. If your home is being built and you need pre-construction services, we are here for you as well. We offer an annual renewal bond with a 6 month inspection if desired. This way your home will be and stay protected.

What Critter & Pest Defense promises to you:               guaranteed-work1-150x150                       

  • Trench and Treat around your home
  • Full Bond around entire structure
  • Tembor-under construction treatment
  • Baracor-under construction treatment
  • 6 month inspection check
  • Annual Renewal inspection
  • Pre-construction Services Provided

Critter & Pest Defense is:IMG_7472

  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Over 19 Years  Termite Experience
  • WDO/WDI State Certified
  • Certified Pest Control Operator in Charge
  • Uses the best technology and products available
  • Guarantees are work
  • Same Day Service